Knife Crime in our area has by nearly 50%. Sexual offences in London are up 50%. Robberies in London are up 45%.Theft from our shops has spiralled out of control. Motor vehicle theft in Richmond is up 83%. We do not feel safe in our own neighbourhoods.


I will fight to increase police presence and ensure all reported crimes are followed up thoroughly - the people in our communities deserve more than a crime reference number. Criminals will soon learn that there are consquences for their actions.


Do You Feel Safer After Eight Years of Sadiq Khan?

During my campaign efforts in Whitton last week, an impromptu visit to a renowned local high street store offered me a startling insight into the evolving landscape of security in our shops.

Tackling Crime in Hounslow will be my priority

Councillor Ron Mushiso, who represents Chiswick Gunnersbury and is the Conservative Party candidate for the local London Assembly seat, writes about tackling knife crime in Hounslow.